Recently we’ve started using to inspect and work on a code that was primarily crafted by a contractor company. Reveal does a lot of things, but in this particular case it allow us to identify which classes are responsible for each UI element on the application, reducing maintenance time and cost.

But Reveal requires the Reveal.framework to be imported to the Xcode project, which can be tricky if you commit early and often. With frequent commits, adding and removing the framework might even lead to mistakes.

Cocopoads could be used to handle Reveal’s framework, but it would require adding an extra target to the project… and all the overhead of dealing with a new target (add files to target, libraries, frameworks, resources, etc…).

LLDB can execute arbitrary code inside your running application. So you can just load Reveal into any iOS process you are currently debugging.

Fortunately I found a blog post from the Itty Bitty Apps, creators of the Reveal, that describes how to set up LLDB to load Reveal’s dynamic library into an iOS process which is currently running. The perfect solution for using Reveal without modifying Xcode projects.

Happy coding!

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